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Introduction to the Secondary Business School in Kolín

Our school combines academic and vocational curriculum. Both school programmes are focused on practical education and experience from retail, wholesale and other services, as well as on professional training at related companies and organizations.

How to contact us?

  • School address:
    • Střední obchodní škola
    • 42, Havlíčkova
    • 280 02, Kolín IV
    • Czech Republic
  • E-mail:
  • Telephone, Fax:
    • School secretary: Mrs Hronová +420 321 724039
    • Director: Mrs Pavlíková +420 321 724 007
    • Fax: +420 321 724 007


  • 28th November 2018
  • 16th January 2019

How to find us?

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Characterization of the school

  • from 1924 – Vocational Economic School in Kolín
  • from 1958 – Apprentice School
  • from 1/1 1981 – SOU Kolín (Secondary Vocational School)
  • from 1/9 1990 – The Apprentice School of Commerce started the operation of Secondary School
  • june 1996 it was included in the group of schools called Integrated secondary school, Kolin IV, Havlíčkova 42
  • since 1. 9. 2008 Secondary School of Commerce , Kolín IV, Havlíčkova 42

The school provides theoretical education, professional training and practice in the fields of secondary education concluded with the graduation exam, the vocational certificate, and extended full-time and distance study focused on commerce and business (Economics and business, Shop-assistant, Baker, Window dresser, Business). Our graduates are successful in the labor market thanks to our professional training and practice in particular companies during all their study.

The theoretical education is provided in the school grounds where 21 classrooms are available, 7 of which are vocational, 2 arranging workshops and 1 classroom for professional training and practice, a library, a gymnasium and an outside sports ground, a running track and a sandpit. The school is situated in the edge of the town, surrounded with treated trees, bushes, lawns and a relaxing area where the pupils can relax during the lunch break. A virtual visit of the school is also available.

There are new desks, furniture, a computer with the internet connection, a data projector in all the classrooms. Furthermore, there is a multimedia board in two classrooms, three classrooms are equipped for the ICT education. All school computers have the internet connection, all the teachers have their laptops, both teachers and pupils can use a directory for saving files for the study use.

There is a very well equipped library, both non-fiction and fiction are available. Pupils can borrow books according to certain borrowing rules. They have access to the internet to get information during lunch breaks and after school. Also cinema and theatre performances are included in the study, as well as educational events focused on the study and various life areas such as society, health, justice, geography, pathological phenomena, etc.

The school ensures various vocational excursions in companies, visiting exhibitions and fairs focused on tercial sphere. The students participate in both vocational and general knowledge competitions, even in the frame of the EU countries. They also enrich their knowledge with working on projects.

We also take part in competitions organized by the Central Bohemia Region and various institutions.

Five subject committees work at the school. They coordinate thematic plans preparation, interconnecting theoretical education with the professional training, choosing textbooks, preparing the final and graduation exams, choosing teaching adds, setting homework for pupils who realize their practical education in particular companies, including pupils in competitions.

For many years, the school has been achieving excellent results in the mastership of the Czech Republic in the field of a shop assistant, awards of arrangers in art competitions. Its pupils gain Awards of the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic for the best graduates, and the school for the high level of the practical training.

We have cooperated with the Secondary Vocational School of Commerce and Services in Rimavská Sobota in Slovakia since 2003. Our pupils gain awards in international competitions, they have possibilities to enrich their knowledge and skills in the internships abroad financed by EU programs (Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus, Erasmus+).

An educational consultant and a methodist for social pathological phenomena works at the school. She helps solve problems in the area of prevention and students’ individual problems. She works closely with the school management, form teachers and PPP of the region. Special lectures on health and prevention topics are organized. The school has a minimal prevention program and a program against bullying. Their fulfillment is checked and consulted with both the school management and the form teachers.

School Facilities

  • Canteen for lunch (12.00-12.30) – the menu offers a soup, 2-main meal choice and a tea
  • School Snack-bar offers packets snacks and drinks
  • Large Gym and outdoor sports ground with sports equipment
  • School Library offers various books and textbooks
  • Special practical classrooms:
    • for goods studies (food models, textile samples …)
    • for typing on electrical typewriters
    • for window-dressing professional training
  • PC classroom for IT studies, portable data-projectors and teacher’s laptop computers, over-head projectors, DVD players with TV sets, CD and cassette players

School Activities and Events

  • the Graduation Ball with a Lottery
  • Educational and Cultural Programmes in the local cinema, theatre a cultural centre
  • Excursions to various shops, museums, trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Sports and Games Day – football and volley-ball matches, table-tennis competition
  • New pupils’ first meeting – 3-day stay in Sázava recreation area near Kolín
  • Winter Skiing course in Krkonoše Mountains
  • Summer hiking course in High/Low Tatras in Slovakia

Other information

Daily Timetable

Our school is officially open on Monday to Friday from 7.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. during school year and from 8.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. during holidays.

Code of Conduct

We send letters with sanctions announcements to our pupils’ parents for inadequate work or behaviour. Students receive reports at the end of the first term in January and at the end of the second term in June.

Meetings are arranged between teachers and parents twice a year to discuss each student’s performance and progress. Teachers are available for individual appointments at other times.